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Harrison Baum’s Daily High Club is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Cannabis has become a staple in our contemporary society, from being smoked by rappers in music videos, to Netflix documentaries about its healing properties. It has also been legalized in 36 states, with more set to follow suit. With the evolution of cannabis, as well as its potency and various different strains and THC concentrations, different types of methods of smoking have also been growing in popularity.

Harrison Baum is the CEO of the Daily High Club, and he has embarked on a journey to let enthusiasts enhance their experience with his monthly subscription service. Daily High Club has a wide array of different bongs, pipes, rigs, and other smoking devices to make the cannabis experience that much more enjoyable. Subscribers are able to order everything from custom shaped bongs, exquisite pipes, dab rigs, and many more. 

The subscription cost is a low fee of thirty dollars a month, and it towers over the competition, as their closest competitor charges almost 33 percent more for their monthly subscription. Daily High Club also has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. The subscription package includes a new custom pipe or bong every month, grinder, wraps, papers, and other elaborate items that are sure to leave a smile on any cannabis enthusiasts face. The subscription package offers 5-7 different items every month. Daily High Club is unmatched with its top-notch quality and price, as well as unique products and designs. 

Daily High Club is not just a subscription service, but is also on online headshop. Daily High Club has been rapidly growing in popularity, and many celebrities and cannabis influencers have taken notice. Daily High Club created a custom piece for the notorious Tommy Chong and has worked with Rap superstar Snoop Dogg. Baum is also seeking to reshape the landscape of cannabis, as he has worked with Weldon Angelos, a famous cannabis reformist who was eventually pardoned by President Obama for his minor infractions- when cannabis wasn’t as mainstream as it is today.

Holiday season is a big hit for Daily High Club, as they create custom pieces for every holiday- ranging from Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, Daily High Club created a custom turkey bong to make the holiday that much more exciting. The intricate and unique designs, world-class quality, and wide selection make Daily High Club the best in the business. Whether you are just getting into cannabis, or a seasoned smoker, Daily High Club is the place to take your experience to the next level.

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Deborah Blum

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