Hardik Pandya Suggests Brother Krunal’s Name To Fill In Bowler Vacancy

Resolving India’s temporary all-rounder conundrum until he is not allowed to throw the ball, Hardik suggested that the team would probably ‘look into Pandya’s family’.

Hardik Pandy Stops Bowling

Hardik Pandya, who scored 90 career-best games against Australia in the first ODI at the Sydney Cricket Ground, unfortunately in vain, sees India need to train for their next game as long as they are not allowed to throw.

Pandya, who stopped playing bowling when he returned to competitive cricket following his surgery of the back last year, plays in the Indian XI primarily as a batsman as of now, but at the same time, denies India’s sixth bowling option, the need of which was felt by Indian Team during their mid-season game.

‘Look At The Pandya Family’

Resolving the Indian conundrum everywhere until he is not allowed to throw, Hardik suggested that the team may ‘look at the Pandya family’, referring to my brother Krunal Pandya, who is an integral part of the Mumbai Indian IPL franchise and has played 18 T20s in India they got 121 runs and picked up 14 wickets.

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“That was always a question, wasn’t it? We have to find and maybe do… I always believed that … even if I got a circuit, I was not always the person who went around everything I wanted to be. But in time I adjusted and became that throwing point. I worked on my bowling. ”

India’s bowlers had a memorable exit as Australia beat them last season to earn 374/6, which is their highest ODI tackle game against India. While Jasprit Bumrah released 73 runs, Pacer Navdeep Saini and leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal released 172 combined runs in 20 overs. Mohammed Shami was the picker who finished 3/99 but most of the bowlers in India had no answer for Aaron Finch and Steve Smith’s century and Glenn Maxwell’s cameo of the 19-ball 45.

“Yes, it will always be difficult if you go with five throwers. If someone has a day off you do not have someone to fill out the quota. In addition to injuries, the sixth throwing role is when one in five throwers has a bad day. I think it will be… maybe we will have to do it, maybe we will have to find someone who has played for India, and then we will fix them and find a way to get them to play, ”said Pandya.

Hardik’s Return To Bowling

As for returning to bowling, Pandya takes one step at a time. Reports suggest that the all-rounder, who casts the nets, is in the process of completely correcting his action, which will put less pressure on him. But for now, Hardik is far from reaching that stage.

“It’s a process. I’m looking for a long-term goal when I want to be 100% of my bowling capacity in the most important sports. World Cups are coming. The most important series is coming. Whenever it is needed, ”Pandya said of her bowling alley.

“I think it’s a long-term plan, not a short-term one where I work hard and maybe have some other [injuries] missing. So it’s going to be a process, which I follow. I can’t tell you exactly when I’m going to take a shower but the process continues. In the nets, I bow it. It’s just that I’m not ready for the game but I’m a footballer. It’s all about confidence and ability should be world-class. ”


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