Hardik Katariya a successful young entrepreneur. News

Hardik Katariya a successful young entrepreneur.

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Time icon August 10, 2020

Hardik Katariya is a young and 23-year-old ambitious person. He has achieved success and fame at a very young age through his hardwork and dedication.He is an entrepreneur with proper focus and a goal oriented vision.He is one such personality who would overcomeany obstacle to reach his goal. He showed an understanding of the business world from an early age. He was clear about his career from a young age.He is a 23-year-old with an astonishing personality. He has successfully established his own company, SIGNATIZE MED-TECH, a telemarketing company, and has become a mogul in the business.

He started working on building his company by trusting his talents.

By the year 2018 he was successfully able to register it by the name, SIGNATIZE MED-TECH. Starting with just three co-workers including himself he is now the head of a company. His firm provides multiple outsourcing services that help the clients in several ways to progress and establish their business among the competitors. Within a short span, he achieved a huge turnover. Consistency is what he is driven by. Customer satisfaction is always his priority and now because of the trust he has built his company is flourishing successfully.

As a child with an outgoing personality he was always inclined to sports and games. Being born into a middle-class family the only way to succeed is to through books. He always wanted to build his own identity and establish his own firm. So giving up was never an option for him. At the young age of just 19 years, he started struggling to reach his ambitions of becoming his boss. He struggled a lot during the start.During his days of struggle, he worked as an employee in various call centers to support his family.But even so much struggle has never made him gave up on his dreams. He always held his hopes high to achieve his goal. His hard work paid him off at the end and has helped him pave his way toward his success. His hardwork and dedication has helped him achieve so much.As he says, “dreams do come true and who says one can’t have it all !” He is sure to achieve greater heights with his passion and hardwork.

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