Halloween Horror Movie Mashup Video Celebrates Scary Movies of The 2020s

Halloween Horror Movie Mashup Video Celebrates Scary Movies of The 2020s

A new horror movie mashup has surfaced on the internet, presenting all of the best scary movies released so far this decade. The genre makes a lot of money by converting people’s fears into tremendous scares and fantastic eerie entertainment. It has a lengthy history in the film industry, extending back to the silent film era.

Horror has long been a popular genre, with distinct forms and flavours emerging with each decade. With films like The Exorcist and The Omen, for example, the 1970s witnessed a boom in demonic and satanic horror; while the 1980s saw the slasher genre take off following the release of Halloween in 1978.

The resurrection of big horror franchises (such as the aforementioned Halloween reboot), as well as the launch of the A24 horror film; and the Blumhouse model, were particularly significant in the 2010s. That success has carried over into the twenty-first century; with a slew of films and television shows from directors like Jordan Peele and Mike Flanagan.

Despite the fact that the decade is still new, there has already been a slew of fantastic horror films released. Indeed, YouTube user Mavvy Dee has created a mashup video displaying some of the best horror films from the year 2020; demonstrating exactly how much high-quality work has been released thus far. Take a look at the video below:

As that video clearly demonstrates, there has been no shortage of fantastic horror films during the last two years. With films like The Invisible Man and Halloween Kills, the genre has provided great slasher content; but it has also provided unsettling slow burns with films like The Empty Man and Saint Maud.

The video even features James Wan’s Malignant, which; although not doing especially well at the box office upon its initial release; has already received significant recognition and acclaim for its strange and twisty Giallo-inspired storey.

If nothing else, this video serves as a reminder to moviegoers that horror films can hold up to the test of time just as well (if not better) than any other genre. Horror films like A Quiet Place Part II and Halloween Kills routinely trounced the competition; even during the Covid-19 pandemic, when films failed to create big box office impressions.

According to a new survey, the 2020 film Host is the scariest film ever made. As the year 2021 draws to a close and 2022 approaches; many horror lovers remain optimistic that the streak will continue.

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