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Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Seeking Therapy To Cope Abuse On Social Media

Hailey Bieber has opened up about the toll the negativity on social media platforms takes on her mental health.

The model revealed that she has been in consistent therapy to help overcome the abuse she keeps receiving online. She said that being married to the Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber means that she also has a best friend who knows what she is going through.

Hailey has been in the spotlight since she is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and graphic designer, Kennya Deodato Baldwin. She opened up to Women’s Health UK for a podcast Going For Goal.

The model got candid as she revealed that she opted to work with a therapist to combat the abuse she faces online. She said: “The way that I’ve dealt with a lot of the negative attention is…I’ve talked it a lot through with a therapist, and I do therapy consistently.”

Hailey further added how Justin supports her and said that she had married someone that’s been dealing with this a lot longer than she has. She said, “I’m also married to someone that’s been dealing with this a lot longer than I have, to an extreme, like the highest level it could possibly be.”

The model further added that this has brought them closer together. She said that she thinks being able to share that world with somebody that understands it better than her is helpful. The personality wrote, “I think being able to share that world with somebody that understands it even better than I do has been so helpful.”

“I felt a lot more freedom”

Hailey further explained that she has grown to accept that not everybody will like her. She said, “The biggest thing for me with social media was the battle of…for a while strangers made me feel like I had to explain myself, when the reality is, I don’t owe them anything.”

She further said that it took her a while to get there and understand because she is a perfectionist and she does not want people to hate him or be mad at her. The model added how she wanted to be like, “‘Hey I’m actually not this person that you think I am’.:

Hailey said, “I just realized that there are people on the internet that, no matter what you say and do, they want to just hate you because they are not happy with themselves.”

She added: “The more I’ve been able to break that down with a therapist [and] the more I realize it has nothing to do with me, or my personal character, I felt a lot more freedom.”

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