Hafeez Kudroli Reveals The Traits An Individual Must Definitely Possess To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

India has got innumerable entrepreneurs who have established their businesses by setting a new benchmark. There goes a saying that nothing in life comes easy. Every successful entrepreneur has to start from somewhere to reach their set goal. A civil engineer turned businessman, Hafeez Kudroli joined his father’s business, ‘Kudroli Builders & Infrastructures Pvt Ltd’ and built an empire which no one could have ever imagined. His company is spread across all the categories in the market, be it infrastructure, real estate, broadcast media, apparel and fashion, food, hospitality, education, entertainment, investment services, sports and fundraising. He considers Kudroli World a small world inside a company which has 13 different subsidiaries under it.

The business conglomerate thrives for excellence and it is on its way to transforming the world into a business hub. Based in Bengaluru, the company aims to give employment opportunities to all the Indians in the upcoming years. Not just this, Hafeez’s work has always left a lasting impression on the people. After joining the family business, he completed several projects of a whopping amount. With respect to his work, Kudroli spoke about the traits a person should possess to become a successful entrepreneur. “With a strong passion for work, it is the discipline and determination that play a key role. Risk is another important aspect of a successful entrepreneur. You can’t gain success if you remain in your comfort zone. Be firm about your decisions and always stay motivated in life.”

Apart from idolizing his father, Hafeez considers Ratan Tata as his role model and wants to walk on his path. One of his takeaways from Ratan Tata is the philanthropy work. He stated, “An entrepreneur’s prime motive should not only be to increase the revenue of a company but also contribute a significant chunk of amount for the welfare of society. At my company, we are successfully running Kudroli Foundation which plans to educate 5000 students by the coming year. That’s what I have learnt from my idol which I am executing in my business.” Well, the traits Hafeez Kudroli has in him not only make him a well-known entrepreneur but also an inspiration to all the upcoming business tycoons of India.