GOT7 Member Mark Tuan Trends After Being Linked To Blackpink’s Rose News

GOT7 Member Mark Tuan Trends After Being Linked To Blackpink’s Rose

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September 29, 2021

Mark Tuan has a tone of surprise for his fans as he surprised Ahgases every week. The singer first shocked people when he attended the LA red carpet for Marvel’s Shang-Chi. He contributed to the OST album and now the GOT7 member was spotted leaving LA and coming to France.

The French fans went crazy thinking what could be in store and some speculated if he will attend the fashion week. He later posted a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower on September 28. Mark was spotted outside Louis Vuitton’s store in Paris with stylist Goatzilla. Their picture was shared on Instagram and they were spotted having dinner.

Ahgases did speculate if the idol will attend Fashion Week as their captions were about Paris Fashion Week. The Fashion show will be held on October 5 at 7 pm CEST. This show can only be attended by the people who were invited. Fans were excited for mark as he has been doing everything he can since he returned to LA.

The idol was seen modelling for an LA-based photographer and the French fashion house Celine in the GQ magazine. But fans have started the trend, ‘We love Tuan’ for another reason. Some of the fans are speculating that the day the GOT7 star went to Eiffel Tower, Blackpink’s Rose was there too.

She is in Paris for YSL’s fashion show including her other bandmates. However, fans went ahead to assume and ship Mark and Rose together with the GOT7 member finding out. He asked his fans to stop doing that but unfortunately, some Blinks thought he was targeting Rose. These fans began to troll him which led him to delete his tweet.

His fans are upset that this has affected his presence at the Paris Fashion Week. So they are sending him love and support by trending that. However, they are trying to move past it as they are wondering what will be next in-store. They are speculating what shows will the idol be a part of in Paris. Some say he will go back to South Korea after Paris and they will be hosting the Seoul Fashion Week in October.

Fans wrote tweets like, “I’m not letting anyone hurt your heart, this my only goal. #WeLoveYouMarkTuan”. Another fan wrote, “Seriously?! Mark attended fashion week and the only thing trending about him is that news! Can we trend some love for Mark and show him how proud we are of him for being INVITED at such a big event! Let’s ignore everything else.”