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Google doodle Game: Today doodle game is Halloween

Google has launched its popular game series to keep people at home. Many games have been introduced under this series through Doodle. The company has been offering a new game Doodle every day for the last few days and in this series Halloween Doodle has been made, which is a popular 2016 game.

This was first launched in 2016 and even today people will enjoy playing it. It is also very easy to play. The special thing is that everyone can play it from children to elders. To play a Halloween game offered as a doodle one has to click on the play button.

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Play game

When you press the play button on the Google doodle, it will redirect you to the Halloween game. The player is introduced to the Magic Cat Academy at first wherein activities are disrupted thanks to a ghost. However, “freshman feline Momo” just doesn’t let ghosts get the better of it as she is on a mission to rescue her school of magic.

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