NASA Photos

Global Warming melted 20% of Antarctica’s Island snow within two weeks

Recent heatwave hit Antarctica’s north island in first two weeks of February that melted almost 20% of snow as revealed in NASA images. A quarter of an Antarctic island’s snow cover melted in that time showed serious symptom of the climate change and Global Warming. Science journalist Maddie Stone tweeted NASA images from her personal account. Antarctica experienced its hottest day on record in first week of February, peaking at 18.3 degrees centigrade.

Los Angeles measured the same temperature that day, NASA said. In just over a week, 4 inches of Eagle Island’s snowpack melted – that’s about 20% of the island’s total seasonal snow accumulation. Climate scientist Xavier Fettweis blamed global warming and plotted the amount of meltwater that reached the ocean from the Antarctic peninsula. The heat wave was the¬†highest contributor to sea level rise this summer, he said.

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