‘Fu*king Cool’: Twitch Streamer Asmongold Reacts To New Game DokeV

Gamescom event recently revealed the trailer of a new Korean game titled DokeV and the gaming community is going bonkers over it! Popular streamers such as Asmongold, Dr Disrespect, and Cloakzy seem to already be fascinated by the new open-world game.

DokeV’s trailer showcased it to be a fun, adventurous, and addictive game that fits well with youngsters and adults alike. Be it casual gamers or Twitch streamers, everyone seems to be talking about DokeV.

DokeV | Open World MMO - Pearl Abyss

The game is full of exciting and interesting stories that come with each new level.


Let us have a look at what Twitch streamers said about the new game:


“Dude if I was nine this game would be my s**t,” remarks MMO star Asmongold. “The game actually looks f**king cool… It seems crazy but this game actually seems more appealing to me than many of the other ones I’ve seen before. It’s so ridiculous, but it’s kind of cool.”

Dr Disrespect:

While Asmongold was fascinated with DokeV’s trailer playing out at the Gamescom 2021, it was Dr Disrespect who did not seem happy in the beginning. However, as he sees DokeV’s trailer, there’s a change instance.

“That looked kind of good right there, hold on I might have jumped the gun. I like this world, it looks kind of sick,” he commented.


Twitch Streamer Cloakzy’s reaction was positive too. He thought DokeV to be a ‘lit’ new game. DokeV made Cloakzy “want to take some shrooms and explore it.”

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