From Viral Shah to Durgesh Tanna: Top FIVE Dhollywood directors who gave box office hits

Gujarati cinema has been evolving at a very fast pace and most of the credit goes to the filmmakers who have been coming up with unique and new age plots to the big screens. Top directors have earned success in the industry in the past few years with stellar storylines and brilliantly enhanced characters that they have written and directed. Recently, directors have delivered several films that saw their career-best direction that will be remembered forever. Here are the top five Gujarati directors who gave box office hits.

Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah has gained lots of praise for his recent success with the film ‘Hellaro’. The director himself is the writer, director, and producer of the film which was the first-ever ‘Gujarati Film’ which has won the National Award for ‘Best Feature Film’ in the history of cinema. Abhishek has been a prominent name working as a casting director to some of the most successful films like ‘Bey Yaar’, ‘Chello Divas’, ‘Wrong Side Raju’ and ‘Shu Thayu’.

Viral Shah

Viral Shah has been a popular name as his first Indian TV show became very popular and earned him a lot of praise. The director has been in the entertainment industry since a long time. He is best known as a writer, director, and entrepreneur. Viral has also been a popular dubbing artist for over 12 years and has done various voice-overs for international labels. The director has lent his voice to Ajay Devgn’s character in the cartoon adaptation of Rohit Shetty’s ‘Golmaal’ called ‘Golmaal Junior’. Viral Shah ventured into direction with two of the most popular films titled ‘Midnights with Menka’ in 2018 and is back with the upcoming film ‘Gol Keri’ which will hit the theatres on February 28.

Sandeep Patel

Director Sandeep Patel rose to fame with his film ‘Love Ni Bhavai’. The plot of the film showcases a love triangle between Pratik Gandhi, Aarohi Patel and Malhar Thakar and it was loved by the audience. It ran successfully in the cinemas for many weeks. The director is busy with his next untitled love story which will go on the floors soon.

Durgesh Tanna

Filmmaker Durgesh Tanna is known as the director in the Gujarati industry who had directed ‘Chhutti Jashe Chhakka’. The film received a great response from the audience and recently his new plot ‘Luv ni Love Storys’ was also loved by a wider audience. The recent film also broke the box-office records since the first day with good ratings. The director has not announced his next film yet, but he will make sure that the announcement soon takes place and Mr. Tanna will take us on an amazing ride with his new plot.

Viral Rao

Viral Rao is a renowned Gujarati director who has helmed ‘Family Circus’. The film was a musical comedy-drama starring talented stars like Monal Gajjar, Raunaq Kamdar, Mitra Gadhvi and others. And after a gap of a year, he came back with something new to the industry, and titled the film as ‘Affraa Taffri’. The film worked not just by its name but also due to its never-tried-before genre of horror-comedy. The film tasted huge success at the box office due to its novelty factor.