Former Australian Captain Demands ICC To Ban ‘Switch Hitting’

Australia cricket team batsman David Warner and all-rounder Glean Maxwell batted very well in ODIs against India. In the first ODI, Warner scored 69 runs and Maxwell scored 45 runs. At the same time, Warner scored 83 runs and Maxwell scored 63 runs in the second ODI. The batting of both the players in the ODI series was very good.

During the ODI series, former Australia captain Ian Chappell asked the ICC to ban ‘switch hitting’. Former captain Ian Chappell said that ‘Switch hitting’ shot is ‘totally unfair’ to the bowler and the fielding team. Australia used switch hits against India several times during the ODI series.

The switch hit means that ‘as soon as the ball leaves the bowler’s hand, the right-handed batsman immediately holds the bat in the left hand’.

 This has been done clearly in the recent match, and when speaking to Wide World of Sports Ian Chappell said, “Maxwell and Warner hit many such shots in the second ODI against India.” 

If a batsman changes his hand or leg as soon as the bowler leaves the ball, it should be an illegal shot. This shot can be cured only if the batsman has already told. Otherwise it is unfair ”.

Ian Chappell also stated that the bowler has to tell the umpire in advance how he will bowl. Because for the right-handed batsman, the captain of the team arranges the field in the same way but then suddenly the batsman starts playing with the left hand, which is quite unfair. Ian Chappell said that cricket administrators should put a stop to this activity soon.


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