Fashion blogger and model Youssef Chreiba guides the way to acing your fashion game

Everyone has their own sense of style but it is always good to have someone guide you. With new trends coming in all the time, nobody wants to feel left out by following the outdated style. Even fashion needs some tips and tricks which can help you ace your looks and be trendy at the same time. The fashion blogger and influencer Youssef Chreiba does that perfectly by guiding the way to perfect looks.

He is currently one of the most popular Moroccan models and bloggers, enjoying a huge amount of popularity on social media. With so much fame, he has been endorsing some of the most well-known brands around the world.

With a great sense of fashion and an ability to judge colours, Youssef has shown his expertise to the world. He has been giving fashion tips to his followers, which have been loved in a larger space. He had recently collaborated with one of the largest mobile advertising companies to promote the African Cup of Nations in 2019.

Speaking about fashion, he says, “Fashion is something that is ever-changing. You can never stick to one particular thing because after a point of time, it becomes boring. With everything changing around us all the time, it only makes sense to keep changing our looks as well. I love doing what I do and it feels even great when the people love my content.”

With such impeccable sense of style, several brands have got him on board as an ambassador. He is the face of Bisilio and Willy Thomas and has been promoting several other brands like Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wristwear, James Polo, Lord Timepieces, SLVR & Co and MAX RENE Denmark. He has also worked with the Moroccan designer Issam Wachma and the Hollywood designer Hicham Benslimane.

Apart from the world of luxurious brands, Youssef has received a lot of love on Instagram as well. His filter Barbie Freckles is one of the most used one on the platform with over 350 Million worldwide users.


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