farhan akhtar expressed disappointment at the countrys twisted law

Farhan Akhtar calls those marketing fake Covid drugs “monsters”

All those involved in’manufacturing and selling’ fake Covid-19 medication have been called out by Farhan Akhtar. He addressed the situation on Twitter.

In a tweet about it, he said: “I saw a news article about people making and selling fake Covid drugs. To manipulate people in these dark and desperate times, you have to be a special kind of beast. You, whoever you are, should be ashamed!!!”

A number of Twitter users responded to his tweet by recalling their own encounters with the Covid-19 crisis. One user commented, ” “There’s also a different kind of monster on the loose. The person who sells oxygen for more money than gold. I paid 1.2 lakhs for one vial of avastin, but Google shows a price of 28000. It’s incredible what can happen.”

Another user brought up the issue of plasma donation corruption. “Have you heard about the price of plasma donation? Or a rocket ambulance transporting the body to be cremated? They’re all over the place, trying to make money off the bodies of others.”

Prices On Sky

“Yep…people filling paracetamol injections in Remdesivir vials…n sellin for $40k…they wr caught recently,” said another. A remark read: “After the effect of this wave has subsided, state governments that care for their citizens should launch an investigation into 1. Fake Medicine manufacturers. 2. Black Marketeers of O2, O2meters, Oxymeters, and Thermometers, among other things 3. Nariyal Pani’s inflated price, among other things”

R Madhavan’s Comment

Prior to Farhan, actor R Madhavan had revealed people involved in unethical activities during the Covid-19 pandemic in a similar way. Madhavan had posted a tweet a few days ago in which he mentioned a man who was running a Remdesivir selling racket.

Madhavan had shared it by writing: “Please be conscious if you receive this as well. We, too, have our share of devils.”

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