Fans Think Dillon Danis Will Pull Out of the Fight Against Logan Paul Ahead of October 14 Entertainment

Fans Think Dillon Danis Will Pull Out of the Fight Against Logan Paul Ahead of October 14

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Time icon October 10, 2023   | Last Updated: May 28, 2024 at 6:47 AM

Logan Paul and Dillon Danix boxing match is just around the corner. While the hype building up to the fight has been nothing short of insane, majorly due to Dillon taking jibes at Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal and posting intimate pictures of her from the past all over his social media, fans now think that Dillon might announce that he is pulling out of the fight soon.

Dilln Danis and Logan Paul do not have a good history. The two are going head to head in the ring on the same fight card as KSI Vs Tommy Fury on October 14 where Logan promises to teach Dillon a lesson for defaming and maligning the image of his fiancee.

Dillon Danis Vs Logan Paul Vs Nina Agdal

On the build up to the fight, Dillon Danis has already been sued by Nina for posting her pictures without consent on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account. Dillon Danis has called out Logan Paul for not being a real fighter and resorting to the law instead of settling their differences in the ring.

According to Logan Paul, the lawsuits that Dillon has been receiving have nothing to do with him. Logan Paul claims that those legal matters are being pursued by his fiancee Nina Agdal.

He tweeted: “Plus I’m not the one suing him. He picked a fight with an innocent woman who is standing up for herself the only way she can: by holding a predator legally accountable for breaking the law — any person who doesn’t understand that is a delusional twat. The lawsuit is HER choice, and I fully support her.”

Will Dillon Danis Pullout of the Fight?

As the fight day comes closer, more and more fans suspect that Dillon Danis might not show up on the fight day leaving Logan Paul to fight a rather unknown fighter to save the day.

Some twitter comments below:

  • Cowards pull out of fights against YouTubers.
  • “Can’t wait for everyone to watch you get slapped up by Logan October 14th. Try not to find an excuse to pull out. 4 days lad”
  • Honestly bro u should pull out the fight
  • “Just 4 more days before you either pull out from the fight or get brutally knocked out
  • “Do us all a favor and pull out

In the run up to the fight, Dillon Danis has already tweeted a few times hinting that he does not feel like fighting after all he has to endure in terms of lawsuits from Logan Paul’s team. Dillon claims that he was only promoting the fight and building the hype for the main event.

“Unreliable Liar”

“Don’t let Dillon fool you… he knows that pulling out AGAIN would guarantee no fighter, fight organization, or legit brand will ever work with him because he’s an unreliable liar,” Logan tweeted.

Stay tuned as Clout News brings all the drama and latest updates about the ongoing Twitter battle and the upcoming main event fight day.

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