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Fans of The Big Bang Theory always bring up a scene where Kaley Cuoco reveals

When fans see Kaley Cuoco, they always refer to a scene from The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007 and followed a group of clever but socially awkward young adults in Pasadena. When Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj met Penny, an aspiring actress who is not academically gifted but wise and smart, their lives were turned upside down.

Cuoco’s character was the only female lead in the sitcom for the first three seasons, until Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik joined the cast as series regulars in season four.

Sheldon And Penny

Penny appeared in some of The Big Bang Theory’s most memorable scenes over the span of the show’s 12 seasons. While she had a romantic relationship with Leonard, Penny’s friendship with Sheldon was one of the show’s most important partnerships, and he was featured in many of Penny’s best scenes.

Throughout the duration of the show, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco shared the screen numerous times. Fans frequently bring up one of their favorite sequences to Cuoco, as it turns out.

Knock Knock Penny

Cuoco said to THR’s Comedy Actress Roundtable that devoted show fans often bring up Sheldon’s constant hammering on Penny’s door anytime they see her. Cuoco, on the other hand, appears to find it entertaining rather than irritating. She went on to say:

I get a lot of knocks on my door. They’ll repeatedly knock, knock, knock, “Penny,” knock, knock, knock, “Penny,” They love to knock on my door, on an aircraft, and on my body, and they think it’s hilarious. [Laughs.]

sheldon knock

Penny was usually always the target of Sheldon’s knocking habits because she lived across the hall from him. Aside from that, she’s also the only one who has tried to mock his uniqueness. One of the most memorable episodes of The Big Bang Theory was when Penny did the same thing to Sheldon, causing him to become irritated and leading them into a loop.

Cuoco even repeated the sequence last year, to to the delight of many followers. Given that the ongoing humor is one of the show’s most talked about and frequently mentioned scenes, it’s no surprise that fans frequently bring up Sheldon knocking on Cuoco’s door.

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