Fans Excited For VLive After BTS' Jimin Tells Them Something

Fans Excited For VLive After BTS’ Jimin Tells Them Something

BTS’ Jimin did a VLive recently for the army and he shared a possibility that excited fans. Fans who ship the idols Jimin and Taehyung are in for a treat. Jimin shared that the two of them could come on the VLive Together again. This comes after Jungkook and Jin came together for the VLive.

It has been quite a while since the two members have been seen together. Fans were over the moon when Jimin announced the news in his individual VLive that he would ask V aka Taehyung about doing a live together. The singer said,

“There were also questions about Mandako. I’ll ask Taehyung about doing Mandako.”

For the people who do not know what Mandako is, here’s the deal. The word, Mandako was used by Jimin when he talked about doing a live with V. A lot of fans were unaware of what that meant but it is the title V and Jimin used for their VLive sessions together. The BTS members had appeared together over the years for VLive sessions.

Either way, fans are extremely thrilled to see their BTS members live but this will be exciting for the fans who shipped V and Jimin. VMin and Jimin started trending on Twitter after the idol announced the same. Many of the army members had missed Jimin’s live session because of the time he chose.

However, after 2 million users showed up at the live session, Jimin was surprised. Fans expressed that Jimin’s was the only live they missed out of all the BTS members’ live sessions. In other news, there are also rumours circulating which claims that VLive as a platform will be shut down by HYBE. The latter also houses BTS’ Big Hit Entertainment.

This can be a problem for artists who are not represented by big agencies. SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment are likely to start their own platforms if VLive shuts down. BLACKPINK has already shifted to Weverse after HYBE invested in YG Entertainment.

But smaller agencies will not be able to afford building platforms like this. This led to backlash as users were upset with groups handled by HYBE. But a source was quoted in Allkpop that Naver did not plan on shutting down VLive.

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