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Experience Miami Like A Celebrity with LUX

We’ve all seen the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities, traveling the world in custom Lear jets, driving down Italian coasts in Ferraris, and basking in the sun off the coast of Santorini in a Yacht bigger than most houses. The “lux” lifestyle has become synonymous with social media posing and has influenced our ideas of a successful lifestyle and what traveling should look and feel like.

While this lifestyle might seem like a pipe dream for most, Lux Miami is in the business of making dreams come true. Lux Miami provides high-end transportation methods in the form of cars, yachts, and jets for short-term rental periods. They enable clientele to indulge in the premium experiences at the best prices available in the industry.

Lux offers a luxurious, all inclusive suite of accommodations for high net worth individuals and celebrities. Swae Lee, Designer, Post Malone, and Dwayne Haskins are but a few of the many big names who have used Lux Miami for their transportation when in town. But you don’t need to have face tats, a grammy, or even platinum record deep pockets to experience Miami in luxury with Lux’s exclusive offerings, according to Adam Ibrahim, a real estate investor and asset manager who is also an investor and principal in the company. “Service and cost leadership are the most important elements of this business, and Lux works every day to maintain that edge for the benefit of it’s clients”

Lux treats every client like a celebrity because customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the company’s mind, and they routinely go above and beyond to not just meet but exceed the clientele’s expectations. Whether they book a Rolls Royce Dawn or a sleek Tesla Model X (you can see their full fleet of vehicles by clicking here), Lux clients get the full concierge experience and enjoy the luxury of choosing the location for both free delivery and pick up–something that sets them apart from their competitors.

How can Lux offer incredible services at industry low prices? While other luxury transportation companies essentially just sublease or broker the vehicles to customers, Lux Miami actually owns their entire fleet which allows them to offer rates competitors can’t even hope to reach while focusing on customer service and making sure you don’t just visit Miami–you experience it!

Maybe you’d rather spend time on the gorgeous beaches and waters rather than neon lit streets–Lux has you covered. They can provide clients with jaw-dropping yachts with fully manned crew and prepped sailing plan that can be accommodated to the customer’s satisfaction. Perhaps you need to secure transportation to and from Miami? Lux can handle it with premium private jets while taking care of all the pesky airport and travel plan details. All in all, Lux can deliver a complete luxury transportation experience for those seeking to become familiar with all the best parts of Miami.

While celebrities are often seen living extravagantly, they also have to deal with paparazzi whether they’re driving a Mercedes or a Kia. Lux allows its clients to live the best of both worlds, experiencing fame and luxury without its biggest drawbacks. (Don’t see the point of this paragraph, would prefer to take the route of elaborating we offer exceptional customer service and make all of our clients feel the exclusivity of our services)

Lux is not your run of the mill Hertz rental experience. With luxury service in a celebrity-like atmosphere, they maintain cost leadership for their clients while continuing to provide industry leading service.

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