Episode 9 Story Review- Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay

  • The most awaited tragic episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is out and receiving mixed reactions from the audience.
  • It was tragic and heart-breaking too.
  • Although, it was previously known that Mashal was not going to survive.
  • Aswad felt miserable and Mehreen is behind the bars.
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The much-awaited episode of Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay is out and the audience is reacting all differently. This episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay was tragic & heart-breaking. Indeed the director deserves full credit for weaving the scenarios in such a manner that actually would’ve kept people guessing what really happened.

Although, it was previously known that Mashal was not going to survive. Only if the novel readers hadn’t given away the spoiler alerts. The question is how it actually happened; was the detail being kept a secret by the director. Those who have not read the novel or have come across any spoiler alerts must be feeling stressed trying to figure out whether Mashal chose to end her life or it was Mehreen who took it away from her.

Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay Shatters

This entire episode splendidly showed how each & every one of them contributed to the tragic ending met by Mashal. Shagufta has also played her part, but it is unfortunate that she will never come to a realization of how undue comparisons put so much burden on Mashal. When Shagufta is breaking down, no matter how many mistakes a parent makes, the scene has its acting impact.

Some Realisations

Both Saleha & Aswad are shown feeling guilty too because no matter what Saleha says or how she tries to reason, she too played her part in what happened.
Aswad felt miserable & he definitely should because of the way he played with her feelings & expected her to put up with the heartbreak & humiliation. The last conversation Aswad had with Mashal is always going to weigh heavy on his heart because he won’t be able to forget the harsh words he exchanged with her just when she was on the brink of losing her life.

Aswad’s Clarity

In the 9th episode, they also gave clarity about the day when Aswad heard the things Mashal & Shagufta. They said about Saleha & Aswad’s relationship. It does put things into perspective as to what was the deciding factor that made Aswad change his mind. After that incident, he knew exactly why Saleha was not in the favor of his & Mashal’s marriage. But it still doesn’t absolve him of how unfairly he treated her. Mashal deserved to know the truth & not be left in limbo!

Hum Kaha Kay Sachay Thay : Acting at Par

In the 9th episode of Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, was given a slow treatment. But find it justified because it showed how grave this incident was & how it was now going to affect their lives. The pace of the drama must be appreciated they are moving things forward quickly.

Zainab Qayyum was the star of this episode because despite having limited scenes, she showed how heart wrenching it was for a mother to deal with the loss of her only child. Khalid Malik is a great addition to the drama & I thoroughly enjoyed his performance as a police officer as well. It was as if this character was made only for him & he delivered. Mahira Khan’s acting in the prison cell was simply brilliant. Usman Mukhtar also showcased Aswad’s guilt, his sorrow & grief convincingly.

Something goofy was unsaid with the flashback of Shabo, Mehreen & Mehreen’s childhood picture. Let’s wait for the next episode.


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