Emma Song “Street Woman Fighter” Speaks Against Mnet’s Evil Editing

  • It’s not the first time Mnet was called out.
  • Emma Song Speaks Out Against Mnet’s Evil Editing After Personal Text Messages Are Revealed On Air Without Permission.
  • Latest episode of Street Woman Fighter had aired on October 5, 2021.

Emma Song from WANT crew fell into controversy as the episode had painted her in a bad light. During practice for the mega dance crew mission, the show had shown her making consistent mistakes in the choreography. However, she claimed that she had not been attending practices.

They showed her practicing moves in front of the other waiting dancer. And also aired screenshots of messages that leader Hyojin Choi had sent to Emma in concern. The messages contained warnings from Hyojin to Emma about her attitude during practices. And warned her to be more careful about how she treated the helper (non-WANT) dancers for the mega crew mission.

Dance Video

Certain critical feedback from Hyojin was showcased by Mnet in particular. Such as “Emma had been in quarantine for a week after it was confirmed that she had come into contact with a COVID-19 case. So she missed many practices. As for after she was out, I wanted to grab her for practices but I saw she had already lined up other schedules. Even during practices, she was practicing other things,” and “The helper dancers are not beneath you guys. I hope you have a respectful attitude towards them.” Due to this Emma began to receive huge amounts of hate online as people doubted her character.


She finally spoke up on her personal Instagram regarding the matter. She explained her side of things and called out the Mnet team for their editing. Emma also explained that the part that had been aired as her “mistakes” were not actually so.

Emma said

I think many are turning the contents of yesterday’s broadcast into fodder so I’m leaving a post like this. I put in more effort than anyone else during the mega crew mission too!

The messages that aired on broadcast were aired without our agreement and when I saw it, I was very sad and also taken aback.

Also, on site, the part that Hyojin unnie seemed to be correcting me for the choreography, was actually a part that I had choreographed. And it wasn’t shown properly on broadcast.

It was a part where she was actually helping me to look over to raise the quality of it but it went out like I had made a mistake so I was very upset about it.

I’ve never mistreated any of the dancers and that part was just something that was told to all of the WANT members as a forewarning. I’d been held back by quarantine and although I did have my personal schedules alongside this. Most of the mission practices were held at dawn and I’ve never missed one. I think many were disappointed by my attitude as shown through the broadcast. So I’m leaving a post as I’m upset about it.

I was very frustrated about the quarantine. I tried my best truly, through ways such as video calls and watching the practice process. In order to become more familiar with the choreography. It’s okay if everyone doesn’t realize (my efforts)! But I’m just really sad that because of the editing. Our efforts and the mega crew project became something that showcased discord.

Even so, it’s a relief that yesterday’s broadcast managed to show the effort and suffering that our leader, Hyojin unnie, went through.

Please look at WANT positively.


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