Each of the Money Heist characters has their own Spotify playlist

Spotify is partnering up with Netflix’s Money Heist to provide fans with playlists produced exclusively for the series’ characters as Part 2 of the final season approaches.

The show first aired in Spain in May 2017, before being picked up by Netflix in December of the same year and distributed worldwide.

The crime thriller, which is still known in Spain as La Casa de Papel, follows a mysterious and daring criminal known as “The Professor” (Alvaro Morte) and his gang, who each go by the names of major cities as aliases, as they attempt a series of seemingly impossible heists.

Spotify playlist of Money Heist characters

Money Heist is currently in its final season, which has been broken into two parts, the second of which will be released on Netflix on December 3rd.

With the finale of Money Heist approaching, Spotify is now allowing fans to listen to playlists created specifically for favorite characters from the Netflix smash. There are presently nine playlists available, each having music adapted to the interests of the Professor, Tokyo, Berlin, Stockholm, Lisbon, Marseille, Denver, Rio de Janeiro, and Alicia Sierra.

Spotify and Netflix have collaborated in the past, as when they released a customized playlist for Lucifer characters in July of this year. It’s no surprise that Spotify had more music to add to the haunting Money Heist collection, given that the series is recognized for the hymn “Bella Ciao.” Thanks to Spotify, viewers can now see which characters from the crime thriller they share musical likes with, ranging from Jack White to Britney Spears. The second installment of Money Heist season 5 will premiere on Netflix on December 3rd.

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