Each of our project at Le Mariage has a story to tell – Mohamad Ghayad News

Each of our project at Le Mariage has a story to tell – Mohamad Ghayad

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Time icon March 9, 2020

Le Mariage has reached the enviable height by sticking to status quo in their thinking, execution and operations. They have evolved in resonance to the challenges each job presents, knowing fully well that every project requires completely different approach and execution. At least the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company Mohamad Ghayad revealed a many of his business secrets in a presentation he prepared for the conference in New York last year. 

“Each one of our projects has its own style, spirit and a story to tell. And it’s not just about the flowers, accessories and furniture we work on. It’s about giving multi-sensory experience to our clients by building an entire place considering every single detail of the design. Our weddings are fully customised and each one takes 6 months of design and production and 10-15 days to execute,” Mohamad had shared in his presentation.

A typical example of how Le Mariage takes different approach to different challenges is by deploying state-of-the-art technology and architecture. It was well demonstrated in the the wedding of the family of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan in 2016. The project took 12 days of execution in 5000 sqm space. Le Mariage had the complexity of elements and technology they wanted to incorporate in this project. By combining architecture, luxury and technology they established modern and luxurious architectural floor plan. 

This time Le Mariage decided to use waterscape as a significant and exclusive element of the wedding. Water symbolizes the source of life and together with luxurious concept they gave the liveliness and meaning to our design. Water fountains were made from precious artistic glass and crystals and placed throughout the space surrounded by shinny black marble with the golden stripes. Lotus flower shape embodied grace, elegance and perfection, and suited the whole concept perfectly. 

One of the most difficult elements to install was wavy screens and mirrors interchanging with one another around the venue. The facets of walls created never-ending reflection games while enlightening the entire space.

For architectural ceiling installation Le Mariage customized tiny golden crystals that looked like curtains holding handcrafted black diamonds with a vibrant flame inside of them. They wanted the combination of black and golden colours to add more weight and give a sense of power and elegance to the whole wedding theme. 

After combining and establishing the main elements they started making the seating plan. Le Mariage had to make sure to have a continuous luxury in every small detail of the design, which eventually became like making a story. The guests were taken into another dimension where they could experience the magic of art and breath in the liveliness of it. 

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