DWTS: JoJo Siwa's Upcoming Dance Routine Will Be More Personal

DWTS: JoJo Siwa’s Upcoming Dance Routine Will Be More Personal

The forthcoming Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) routine by JoJo Siwa will be more “personal” than her previous ones. With her dancing partner, Jenna Johnson, JoJo is the first same-sex couple in the show’s history.

She rose to stardom on Dance Moms, has spoken out about how much she enjoys competing on DWTS. Over the course of the show, Jenna and JoJo have become closer; with JoJo expressing that Jenna makes her feel good about herself and Jenna seeing JoJo as a younger sibling. The influencer is happiest when she is with Jenna and when she is dancing on the show.

While being on the program is a source of optimism for her; she is also in it to win it. Both JoJo and Jenna acknowledged they won’t be thrilled if they lose the tournament. Given how much effort the two have put into their routines; this makes it reasonable. Even though they’ll be disappointed if they don’t win the Mirrorball Trophy; JoJo remarked that simply being on the show has been satisfying in and of itself; despite their competitive natures.

The YouTube star likened the coveted trophy to a box something you want comes in. It’s just a bonus to the experience she has gained from being on the show. Hopefully, the duo will win, and Jenna and JoJo won’t have to be disappointed about losing the battle.

Jenna indicated that JoJo will be more vulnerable in their future dance. “We’re tapping into something really personal this week. I’m really excited for everyone to see it,” Jenna said at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles (via Page Six). 

“I feel like you always get to see bubbly, fun, spunky, out there JoJo”

The pro dancer also stated that the theme of this week’s performance is “emotion.” She went on to say, “I don’t feel like we’ve seen necessarily that side [of JoJo]. I feel like you always get to see bubbly, fun, spunky, out there JoJo”. They’ll do a contemporary dance to a piano rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go,” as well as an argentine tango to “Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” by Gotan Project.

Kylie Prew, JoJo’s girlfriend, just ended their relationship. On Paris Hilton’s podcast, JoJo confessed that her hectic work schedule contributed to their breakup. JoJo and Kylie are still closest friends, despite the fact that their romance didn’t work out. The influencer added that she has learnt that simply because things didn’t work out romantically; they can still maintain their relationship. JoJo is glad for all the good times they had together, and the two still talk.

This season, JoJo and Jenna have been standouts. They’re not only making history; but they’re also giving it their all in each dance and continually receiving high marks. They’ll always have a place in DWTS history; even if they don’t win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy. This week, fans can expect to witness a more vulnerable side of JoJo.

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