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Dubai’s Richest Influencer Rashed Belhasa Gears Up For His Boxing Match On 30 July

YouTube boxing has been all over the place since the last year. With KSI and Logan Paul creating the much needed hype in the early days of this spin-off celebrity boxing version of the sport, there has been no looking back!

The Paul Brothers ignited a revolution in YouTube/Influencer boxing that fetches big audience numbers and creates a much needed hype.

First Influencer Boxing Event In Dubai

With most events being restricted to the UK and US, Social Knockout has planned to organize the first ever Influencer Boxing event of its kind in Dubai.

Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai will see big names of the entertainment world box each other on 30th July. And guess who’s a part of it? Money Kicks aka Rashed Belhasa.

Rashed Belhasa Vs Anas ElShayib

Famed as Dubai’s richest youngster who has millions of social media followers and an exotic lifestyle, Rashed Belhasa will launch his career as a boxer in first ever fight against Anas ElShayib.

The pre-match conferences have been done and a lot of hype has been created around the first ever all-cryptocurrency influencer boxing event in the world.

“I loved watching the sport ever since I can remember. I also know [UK boxer] Anthony Joshua personally and am a big fan of the new champions today. It’s always been a secret passion of mine,” Rashed says.

Rashid Belhasa has been training hard for the fight. He has appointed Tam Khan, a former MMA fighter and the chief executive of Social Knockout as his coach and they are regularly seen at Dubai’s TK MMA & Fitness.

Logan Paul Flies To Dubai

His supporters are rooting for him as they know if MoneyKicks sets his mind on to something, he gets it done. What do you think? Let us know in the comments if Rashid Belhasa can secure the W against Anas ElShayib.

Logan Paul is a close friend of Rashed and he literally flew to Dubai the last week to support him. There were quite a few posts that Rashed has shared with Logan Paul on his Instagram handle.

With a larger opponent in front of him, Rashed needs the right strategy to get his first boxing win.

Adam Saleh Vs Waleed Sharks

Another important event includes Adam Saleh vs Waleed Sharks.

Adam Saleh has won previous bouts and will look to carry his win streak in Dubai when he gets in the ring at Coca-Cola Arena tomorrow.

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