Dream Reveals His Top 5 Personal Favorite Streamers

Minecraft YouTuber Dream who has over 26 Million subscribers has revealed a list of streamers that he considers his personal favorite. Dream not just streams on YouTube but is also active on Twitch.

The Game Awards 2021 have nominated Dream for the Content Creator of the Year award as well. Fellow streamer Ludwig reacted to Content Creator of the Year nominees and fans of dream weren’t quite happy with him.

Ludwig took to his Twitter and wrote “Oh I was just joking and playing heel. I was talking to my friends one of who was a nominee as well. Also, I did get nominated for The Game Awards which I think is PogChamp.” The streamer also asked his fans to vote for Leslie for the Content Creator of the Year Award.

In the past, Ludwig also talked about streamers who he felt should be nominated for awards at The Game Awards. Included in them were popular Twitch and YouTube names like Sykkuno, xQc, TommyInnit, and Jerma985.

The List

Amidst all the drama of who the best Content Creator of the Year is, Dream himself has published a list of top creators who he considers his personal favorite. The list comprises of Ludwig, xQc, Rae, Miz, Ranboo, and Tommy.

Amongst Ranboo and Tommy, his fellow Minecrafters, Dream said it was a tie and a ‘close call’ and he couldn’t choose. Hence, it was a tie between the two.

Have a look at the original tweet of Dream below:


‘Innovative Content’

“They’ve all created such innovative content this year, it would be hard to not have them in the top [five],” 

He also added “here’s so many awesome streamers it’s really hard to pick just a couple. some had insanely high viewers others streamed all the time others broke records others innovated styles of content, some did all of the above. It’s tough there’s so many people that had a big impact”

What do you think about Dream’s personal favorite list of streamers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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