Drake and Kendrick Lamar: The Rap Feud That Ignited 2024 Music

Drake and Kendrick Lamar: The Rap Feud That Ignited 2024

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Time icon June 18, 2024   | Last Updated: June 18, 2024 at 8:16 AM

The hip-hop world was sent into a frenzy in March 2024 when a simmering tension between Drake and Kendrick Lamar finally boiled over. What started as subtle jabs on tracks escalated into a full-blown diss track war, dominating headlines and social media discussions for weeks.

The Spark:

The exact origin of the renewed tension is debated. Some point to Drake’s verse on “First Person Shooter” (from his October 2023 album) where he, alongside J. Cole, positions himself and Kendrick as the “big three” of rap. Kendrick, many felt, took offense to this claim, responding with a scathing verse on Future’s “Like That” in March 2024. This verse targeted both Drake and J. Cole, criticizing their lyrical content and questioning their authenticity.

The Escalation:

Drake’s response came in the form of “The Heart Part 6,” released on May 3rd. This track directly addressed the allegations Lamar threw his way, particularly the disturbing claims of inappropriate relationships with underage girls. Drake vehemently denied these accusations and even hinted that Lamar might be projecting his own past traumas. The song also featured pointed jabs at Lamar’s fashion sense and musical style.

Lamar wasn’t finished. He unleashed two diss tracks in rapid succession: “euphoria” and “6:16 in LA.” These tracks were even more brutal than his initial verse, accusing Drake of everything from inauthenticity to ghostwriting. Lamar’s lyrical prowess shone through, leaving many fans to ponder who was “winning” the feud.

The Aftermath:

The back-and-forth continued for a few weeks, with each rapper seemingly trying to outdo the other. However, by the end of May, the diss tracks stopped. Whether by mutual agreement or exhaustion, the feud seemed to fizzle out.

The Impact:

The Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud was a major event in the music world. It dominated headlines, sparked countless think pieces, and reignited discussions about the role of diss tracks in hip-hop. While the long-term consequences remain to be seen, it certainly left a mark on 2024 and will likely be debated by fans for years to come.

It’s important to note that the accusations made in the diss tracks are unverified and remain serious allegations.

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