DR Music Calls Blackswan's Fatou And Leia Row 'Constructive Dispute', Fans Confused

DR Music Calls Blackswan’s Fatou And Leia Row ‘Constructive Dispute’, Fans Confused

Blackswan was in the news earlier this week for an intergroup bullying scandal. Leia’s Brazilian-Japanese fans said they received an SMS from the idol’s family alleging Fatou was bullying her. Fatou was met with a lot of hatred and racism because she was Senegalese and one of the few Korean musicians of African descent in a coloured country.

The fandom was confused by her speech on November 14 that flipped the tides by labelling Leia manipulative and selfish. Things are still unclear, despite the group’s label, DR Music, issuing a statement. The statement addressed Leia’s fanbase’s claims as well as Fatou’s lengthy post. “The team’s internal issues were distorted as if they were true due to others and spread to fans,”; the label implied that some of the claims made by Leia’s fandom were overblown.

According to DR Music, because Blackswan’s members are from all over the world; there will be a cultural divide and thus a difference of opinion. “Respect and understanding are required more than other k-pop teams,” they continued. They didn’t totally agree with or deny both sides’ claims, instead of apologising.

“Various kinds of disagreements occur in the team. We call it constructive dispute,” DR Music simply stated. It’s referred to as “constructive” conflict and begged supporters not to interpret these disagreements as bullying; and they stated that they had spoken with both Fatou and Leia. The two have reconciled and will resume their group activities, according to reports. They closed the message by asking fans and trolls to refrain from using racist words and acts; and to love all members of the band equally.

Fans had a lot to say in the matter. One tweeted, “This says everything but literally nothing at the same time.” But another fan was happy to move past the situation, “The statement is really good and I really hope things work out. When in a multicultural space all the people involved need to be open to the cultural differences, ways to see the world, and different ways to act. It’s a challenge, but it can be the strongest asset of a team.” Some felt, “This is gonna blow up in their face I just know it.”

Fans are still picking sides because DR Music hasn’t said what elements of the situation were misrepresented or factual. A Leia fan said, “Fatou out.” A fan who is on Fatou’s side said, “Disappointing.. so disappointing yall could have done better and fatou deserves better.”

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