Disney+ Poster Officially Reveals Lady Loki News

Disney+ Poster Officially Reveals Lady Loki

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Time icon June 21, 2021

After the character’s identity was revealed in episode 2 of the Disney+ series, Lady Loki is featured in a new poster for Loki. While the first episode of the Marvel series spent much of its time establishing the Time Variance Authority and Loki’s function within it, episode 2 stepped up the pace, sending the God of Mischief on a mission to find the mysterious Variant. The TVA finds the Variant and tries to prevent them from causing additional harm to the Sacred Timeline once Loki deduces the location of the Variant’s refuge in an apocalyptic Alabama in the future.

Much of Loki episode 2’s action focused upon figuring out who this mysterious Variant was, prompting many to believe the figure was based on Tom Hiddleston’s appearance. Unfortunately, this was not the case, as Di Martino was exposed as Loki’s prospective enemy when the Variant finally debuted.

The Variant, dubbed Lady Loki, carried out her plan to bomb the Sacred Timeline before Loki tracked her down through a different door, one that the TVA also uses to travel through time.

Lady Loki

While Di Martino’s character didn’t have much screen time in Loki episode 2, it’s evident that she’ll play a major part in the future. Marvel has now unveiled a character poster for Lady Loki, which shows the heroine in her hooded costume up close. With a golden clock ticking behind her, she poses against the backdrop that has become standard for Loki advertising materials. Take a look at the entire poster below:

The character’s true identity, if Marvel is to be believed, will not be known for a long time. Fortunately, director Kate Herron hinted that Loki episode 3 will go into Lady Loki’s past, implying that at least some answers may be forthcoming this Wednesday.

Until then, speculations regarding Lady Loki’s grudge against the Time Variance Authority will remain. The mystery will continue to unravel with Hiddleston’s Variant pursuing her, and one thing is certain: not everything on Loki is as it seems.

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