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Dil Bechara Actress Sanjana Sanghi Launches ‘Here To Hear’ Mental Health Campaign

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a profound effect on Mental Health of the masses since its outbreak and the second wave of COVID that has hit the country has exacerbated the problems.

There are a lot of people who suffer from emotional turmoil from feeling insecure to being overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

This has led to anxiety, fear, distraction and distraction of thought and has caused depression and taken countless lives.

Sanjana’s Statement

To address these concerns, actress Sanjana Sanghi took to Instagram (1/05/2021) to announce the launch of her ‘Mental Health’ campaign which allows people to have the opportunity to meet for free with Psychologists and Qualified Audiences in partnership with the online counseling forum .

The aim of this program is for more people to gain access to quality mental health care in these difficult times.

Sanjana Sanghi shares, “There was never a rule book handed to any of us, on how to cope with a catastrophic pandemic like we are presently facing. And in the absence of that rule book, amidst such a grave crisis that is ridden with loss of life and uncertainty – we can easily find ourselves consumed with all kinds of worrying thoughts, fears, anxieties, and confusion. I’m so proud to see all of us as citizens stepping up to help in ways big & small, and I truly hope our work that has gone behind making Here to Hear possible helps. De-stigmatizing seeking the support of mental health experts, as well as emphasising the importance of doing so to be able to disentangle the many thoughts that may be making this already tough circumstance even tougher is extremely crucial.”

‘Here To Hear Session’

Anyone looking for help can register and book a 30-minute De-Stress session on ‘Here to Hear’ anywhere, anytime, completely free, thus closing the gap of inaccessibility and un affordability of high-quality mental health care services.

Sanjana Sanghi’s ‘Here to Hear’ initiative will be providing Audio & Text Support Session counseling with qualified Psychologists and listeners to help people overcome and cope with this phase.

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