Deepak Raj Explains What Inspired Him To Become A Lifestyle Influencer

To live the brightest days of life, you must first fight against the darkest days. No luxury in life comes easy. There goes a lot of blood and sweat to live life like a king size. Deepak Raj is that name who is living his dreams. He is from New Delhi and is on a mission to conquer the globe. A day in Deepak’s life is all about work, travel, workout and inspire. He is inspiring many youngsters with his work by engaging with them on social media and creating relevant content. The lifestyle influencer generally creates content which showcases the day-to-day activity happening in his life. Besides this, he is fond of luxury and exotic cars.

During school, Deepak was not a scholar, but his vision was very clear. He always wanted to work for himself and not do a job under someone. A mediocre student, he had been super active in other co-curricular activities like entertaining the audience. After his graduation, he had a lot of options and thought of making his career in marketing. But the desire to be his own boss took him on a journey and after years of struggle, he achieved success and started getting recognition as a popular influencer. “I always wanted to work independently. I believe there is a lot of creativity when you work for yourself. Social media has genuinely made the lives of many people and it is great to see how things are changing over time”, said Raj.

In recent years, the dashing blogger has travelled to many places of the world including Italy, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Barcelona, Santorini among others. Not just this, he has a personality which will make any woman fall for him and men take fitness ques from him. A hardcore gym freak, Deepak believes to live a disciplined life. When asked about his success mantra, he said, “Determination. There is no substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts. It’s just about the patience one must have to go ahead in life.” The young influencer has a power-packed schedule in 2020 and is planning to start his vlogs to reach more audience. Living a life of his dreams. Deepak Raj is one of the most popular social media stars who has got a lot to achieve in life.