DC Warns The Second Joker War Is Coming News

DC Warns The Second Joker War Is Coming

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Time icon August 20, 2021

A brand new Joker War has been teased in the latest issue of DC Comics’ Future State: Gotham. Harley Quinn and Punchline are still at war years ahead. But it seems like Gotham City and its underworld will grow to have a strong aversion to anything clown-related after what happened with the Joker’s teased follow-up.

Last summer’s Joker War crossover event saw major devastation to the entire city as well as to Batman himself. It seems like Joker will eventually have a new war to top his first. This also lines up with the recent comments made by the Clown Prince of Crime himself in his own ongoing Joker series.

In Future State: Gotham #4, Harley Quinn is in search of her longtime rival, Punchline; who came onto the scene in Gotham’s present during the original Joker War. The two characters are also being tracked down by Panic after fighting each other; because of the massive explosion that was caused by the next Batman. Panic is a hunter that was hired by the Magistrate to bring vigilantes; criminals and anyone who dares to wear a mask in Gotham.

Earlier, Harley was fighting with crooks to get information on Punchline; and this is where one of Joker’s former goons revealed that he hasn’t dealt with clowns since the second Joker War. This combined with the words of the Clown Prince of Crime himself in the recent Joker #4 is interesting.

The issue was set in Gotham’s present and teased a few of Joker’s plans for the future. It also revealed he has bigger and darker plans than the first Joker War; and he’s looking up to top the devastation he caused last time. It will seemingly leave a major impression on Gotham’s criminals in the near future. This will also serve as the reminder that one should stay away from clowns as a general policy for their own health and survival.

Harley and Punchline’s battle in Gotham contains an extra new twist; after Punchline reveals the existence of the Next Joker to Harley; setting the stage for an all-new Clown Prince after whatever mysteriously happened to the first Joker in the wake of this second Joker War. But many things set in the DC’s various Future State titles can be changed by the DC Universe.

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