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David Harbour Responds To Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer With Cryptic post

David Harbour has fans confused after his very cryptic Instagram post to the Stranger Things season 4 trailer. Stranger Things premiered back in 2016 and instantly became a beloved series for its homage to the 80s science fiction and horror.

The fans are waiting for the series for a long time now as it has already been two years since season 3 dropped. However, the delay was caused because of the pandemic which delayed production and led fans to wait for 2 years. Finn Wolfhard announced season 4 may get delayed until 2022. But even after the delay, the release of season 4’s trailer on May 6th is keeping the anticipation ready.

The season 4 trailer of Stranger Things is focused on Eleven and Dr. Brenner which left fans with more questions. Fans are not sure if it was a flashback to Eleven’s time in Hawkins National Laboratory. She was a test subject for Project MKUltra and was trapped there. The trailer also sees Eleven’s “siblings” wearing the signature hospital gowns and referring to Dr. Brenner as “Papa”.

This confirms the theory that Eleven and Eight (a.k.a. Kali) were not the only test subjects and there are more children out there like them. However, Eleven is separated from the others as she is behind heavy doors with her name on the plate. The trailer ends with Dr. Brenner asking, “Eleven, are you listening?”

The Rainbow Room Is Important In Season 4

But the cryptic response from David is what confused fans even more. He is known for playing his fan-favorite character, Hopper on the series. The actor shared the trailer of the Netflix hit along with the caption of “Over the Rainbow” lyrics. On top of the official account of ‘Stranger Things’ commented with three rainbow emojis.

Fans immediately began speculating the post with questions and demanding David for more answers. However, David did not respond and has not yet revealed any clues. The actor’s post includes the mention of rainbows. If fans do not recall, it is from season 2. Eleven’s mother repeated “rainbow” over and over again in reference to the Rainbow Room. That was the playroom of Eleven and Kali in Hawkins lab.

The Rainbow Room is seen again in the season 4 trailer. Fans will also recall that David’s post is not the first time season 4 has alluded to the Wizard of Oz. The very first announcement of the fourth installment ended with the captions “We’re not Hawkins anymore”.

But fans will have to wait and see what David’s post really means until season 4 debuts. Because of the pandemic delaying season 4, the creators and actors have to keep the fans engaged. David’s post also contributes to the huge number of fan theories that already exist surrounding the fourth season.

However, we can all assume that Rainbow Room is clearly important for the next season. This can also be a reference to a deep dive into Eleven’s past, details about her other inmates, and a revelation of Dr. Brenner’s status and whereabouts. The post can also be a hint at Stranger Things’ time travel theory. Like the Wizard of Oz, the characters may find themselves in a very different timeline and place than Hawkins.

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