David Harbour Hints Black Widow Could Introduce Russia’s Avengers News

David Harbour Hints Black Widow Could Introduce Russia’s Avengers

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Time icon May 11, 2021

The Black Widow star has hinted that the venture could introduce the Winter Guard which are Russia’s version of the Avengers. MCU has already proved that super humans are a part of the universe with Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Isaiah Bradley was introduced in the Disney+ series who was a Captain America who served during the Korean war.

However, the evidence has just kept building that Black Widow will play a key role in continuing these revisions to world history. David Harbour portrays the role of Red Guardian who is confirmed to be a super-soldier. His character was created during the Cold War to be Russia’s answer to Captain America.

This also suggests that the Cold War was a superhero arms race in the MCU. In the war, the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. competed to develop superhuman champions. This has also encouraged the theory that Black Widow could further reveal the history of MCU’s Cold War. The venture might also introduce other superhumans who were a part of it.


David has added fuel to the fire with his Instagram post as he celebrated the upcoming release of Black Widow. In the MCU comics, the Winter Guard are Russia’s answer to the Avengers. The actor named few of the characters in which most of them have all been associated with different incarnations of the team. He named Ursa Major, the two Black Widows, Crimson Dynamo, and Sputnik in his caption.

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Ursa Major In Black Widow?

However, the mention of Ursa Major is quite interesting. In the comics, the mutant is the one who holds the ability to morph into a giant bear. There has already been buzz around the Ursa being in Black Widow. It can be that Oliver Richters is playing the part. And it might be a coincidence but Hasbro has recently confirmed that one of their popular Marvel Legends action figure ranges will include an Ursa Major Build-A-Figure.

If Ursa Major does appear in Black Widow, then it will be the first mutant in the MCU. It is likely that his rights were shared in the same manner as it was for Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. David also references to CD which is exciting as well because that is Crimson Dynamo.

In the second Iron Man venture, Tony Stark insisted that it would be years before anybody manages to duplicate Iron Man technology. But it can be possible that Russia has managed to do that by 2016. This means they can create Crimson Dynamo. Marvel also recently published a book called The Wakanda Files that revealed that Russia has palladium.

Palldium powered Tony’s original arc reactor and this hints that the country may be able to create first-generation Iron Man armours. Black Widow can also be setting up for the MCU’s upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars. This could revolve around War Machine taking down the duplicated or stolen Stark tech after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

David’s post is one of the many ways Marvel keeps us interested through smart marketing. This will definitely make fans curious about how will Black Widow affect MCU moving forward. However, it is difficult to understand why Marvel has considered this as the right time for a Black Widow movie. The questions arises because Scarlett Johansson’s character, Natasha Romanoff sacrified herself in Avengers: Endgame.

But if it introduces the Winter Guard then it is pretty exciting to look forward to the new concepts in the MCU.

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