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Damla Aslanalp’s Stunning Ascension to Fame

Damla Aslanalp looks like everyone’s dream girl next door, but she actually does have her own origin story. She was born on July 11, 1990 in a beautiful city called Heidelberg, which is a scientific hub in Germany home to several research facilities and artistic venues. Being in the epicenter of science, art, and literature gave Damla a unique appreciation for the world and an open mind to exploring her creative gifts. From a young age onwards, it was evident that Damla loved to sing, dance, and act. She would sing in the bathroom with great enthusiasm into her hairbrush.

She explains that “When I sing, I feel like I’m in my own world.” Damla didn’t stop at just singing in the bathroom forever, as she had the ambition and talent to showcase her natural gifts to the world. To refine her craft, Damla enrolled in private lessons in acting where she spent hours learning the mechanics of breaking down a story from screenplays, television, and theater using both dramatic and light-hearted scripts. It didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to pursue her life calling of being a successful actress. To that note, she appeared in several TV series and movies such as “Filinta” and “Enes Batur 2”. Filinta was Damla’s big break, as it was a show podcasted in Turkey and now featured on Netflix. From that big break, Damla was given more opportunities to show her talents and skills to the world.

In addition to her acting success, Damla is also an Instagram Influencer, where she has over 264k followers. Her posts encourage people to be positive, kind, and empathetic. These are values that Damla lives by. Additionally, Damla sees herself as an inspiration to younger women who are striving to become actresses themselves. She knows firsthand how much hard work and focus is required to become an actress. Oftentimes, young women reach out to inquire about the process, and she is always willing to share her insights on the process and what it takes. Moreover, Damla considered herself to be a globetrotter. Through traveling, she has been able to connect with people all over the world and echo her positivity around the world. Traveling to her is important because she believes it can elevate someone’s levels of empathy, self-awareness, and patience. 

For those reasons above, Damla deserves a seat at the table of celebs who’ve completely changed the game and made doing so look so easy. But this is just the beginning of her ascent to mega-stardom, and she’s been breaking records and seizing every opportunity since. For a closer peek into her life, follow Damla on Instagram


Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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