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Corona Virus Lockdown: GoAir employees sent on unpaid leave until 3 May

Some companies have cut employee salaries due to the Corona virus lockdown, while employees in many companies have been sent on unpaid leave. Private sector airline company GoAir has asked most of its 5,500 employees to be on unpaid leave (leave without pay, LWP) till 3 May. The company’s ships are not able to fly because of the lockdown. This airline company of Wadia Group had asked employees to be on LWP in a gradual manner. Apart from this, salary cuts were also made.

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On Saturday, the company informed the employees, “The lockdown has extended till May 3 and along with that our fleet will remain on the ground. Therefore, we are obliged to appeal to you to stay on ‘Leave Without Pay’ till 3 May. Maybe we have to extend it further. ‘ The government announced on April 14 that the extension of the first lockdown would extended to May 3.

Most airline companies were preparing to start service from 15 April. He hoped the lockdown would scrapped. An official said that 10% employees would continue to work. Because they have to come for necessary work even after the operation is stop. They will given partial salary.

Airline companies are now expect to start service from May 4. Many companies, including Air India, have started booking flights from 4 May. Meanwhile, Minister for Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri said on Saturday that airlines are advise to start booking tickets only after the government decides on starting domestic and international passenger flight services.

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