Complete Guide On How You Can Buy Bitcoin At Walmart BTC ATMs

The retail giant Walmart has set out on a new mission – To enable it’s customers to buy cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.

Walmart is testing a new crypto project under which customers can buy Bitcoin through BTC ATMs. So far, the company has set up 200 Bitcoin ATMs across various locations in America. But how does the whole system work?

How Will It Work?

Walmart has partnered with cryptocurrency platform called CoinMe and the coin-cashing machine company Coinstar to execute the crypto project.

The company has installed 200 BTC kiosks in America that dispense Bitcoin.Coinstar is planning to install another 8,000 BTC kiosks across America and the partnership with Walmart is just a kick-start to this objective.

  • If you want to use the Walmart BTC dispensing machine, you will need to insert bills and get a voucher.
  • The next step would be to signup for a CoinMe cryptocurrency wallet.
  • After the background check is sorted, you can redeem the voucher to get your Bitcoin.

All Time High

There is a 4% fee that machine charges and another 7% cash exchange fee, as per the Coinstar website. All of this is great news for the booming cryptocurrency space as more and more people jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

Recently Bitcoin hit an all time high value of $66,000. Along with Bitcoin, another meme-crypto Shiba Inu coin also hit an all-time-high jumping over 45% in 24 hours.


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