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Comedy Series ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me’ Not To Return For Season 2 On Netflix

The new comedy series of Jamie Foxx titled Dad Stop Embarassing Me! started broadcasting on Netflix in April 2021.

Just few months after its run, the streamig platform has taken a call about what the future of the show shall be. Sadly, we have some bad news for the fans.

Jamie Foxx’s Show

The comic sitcom has been canceled from Netflix after one season and will not be returning for season 2.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Netflix Original sitcom series has been produced by Jamie Foxx and Jim Patterson.

It is the first Original series in which the award-winning actor has starred.

The first few years of Foxx’s television career were mostly dedicated to comedy as he starred in In Living Color, a guest appearance at 3rd Rock from the Sun, not to mention starring in, and producing his own series by the name of The Jamie Foxx Show.

Storyline And Poor Ratings

A single father who owns a successful cosmetics company, Brian Dixon, is receiving a crash course to be a parent from his teenage daughter as she is here to live with him in the story.

With only 4.2 ratings on IMDb, and a very low 25% on rotten tomatoes (49% audience figures), subscribers and critics remain under impressed with Dad Stop Embarassig Me!.

In the past viewing, figures have saved a series from cancelation but in this instance, it wasn’t enough to save Dad Embarrassing Me!.

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