Cole Sprouse Returns to Instagram After 1-month Mental Health Break

Cole Sprouse returned to his social media account one month after he was accused of sexual harassment via Twitter.

The Riverdale star acknowledges his absence from social media and reveals he was taking a mental health break. Cole posted a black and white photo of Tulum, Mexico. He revealed that he was barely ever active on social media. But even a little bit that he was active during the pandemic had become taxing.

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The actor said as work is beginning slowly and he has only ever known how to work. He revealed, “Work is slowly beginning to pick back up within a new normal. And as someone who has only ever really known work their entire life, I found that I’m best on a schedule. Knowing when to step away like I did in college, and when to re-engage is a fundamental skill for any young performer.”

Cole further tried to give some advice telling his fans to take breaks. He said mental and physical health always comes first. The actor also said that with time they will realise that the pandemic is like a big global trauma. But the effects of this has been encouraged tremendously by the failings of America. He further talked about being in the midst of a huge election and encouraged people to take a close look at the ‘modern’ medical health care system.

Cole also promises that he will be more active in the future. He took a step back from social media after he and his co-stars were accused of sexual harassment in June. They were accused by anonymous accounts on Twitter with one of them saying how easy it is to lie and that people will believe it.

Sexual Harassment Accusations Made on Cole

Early on, a user account named @Victori66680029 accused Cole Sprouse of sexual assault. She wrote in her tweet that Cole forced himself on her after flirting with her one evening. The user claims it happened at a party in 2013, while she was a student.

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She continued saying that she left and took a shower. And she claims she did not say anything because nobody would believe her “over a rich Disney star.”

Cole Sprouse took to Twitter later that day and denied the allegations. He wrote that he and three other castmates were all falsely accused of sexual offense by anonymous accounts on Twitter. Cole assured that he will work with his team to get to the root of it as he takes these allegations very seriously.

He continued in a thread writing how false accusations do tremendous damage to actual assault victims. “Furthermore, I would never seek to silence anybody. I encourage that people look into the accusations themselves, as the events detailed were factually untrue,” Cole wrote. He went on to say in a series of incidents, this was the latest claims to cancel him and his castmates.

An anonymous user account named @Tasha93948576 made the same accusations on Lili Reinhart, the same day. Another anonymous account @Alison41740595 made sexual assault allegations on Vanessa Morgan and KJ Apa on the same day as well.

Although Twitter screenshots of a fan account claim that @Tasha93948576 admitted that she is falsely accusing Lili, to prove how easy it is to lie. The anonymous account @Tasha93948576 has since been deleted. The other account @Alison41740595 which accused Vanessa and KJ has been suspended.

Accusations on Riverdale Co-Stars

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Lili Reinhart retweeted Cole’s tweet and added her own personal statement assuring that she takes these claims seriously as well. But Lili confirms that anonymous accounts falsely accused her and her cast.

Fans of the show Riverdale, came to the stars rescue by making comparisons in the allegations made.

Lili confirmed that her team will be taking legal action against the account users. She explains this can affect true survivors. Vanessa Morgan retweeted Sprouse’s tweet.

While their friend and castmate, Madeline Petsch, came to their defense. And said that it is disturbing since she herself was a victim of sexual assault. Hearing these false allegations does not go down well with her.

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