Chinese state media: ‘We have no reason to make India an enemy

Chinese state-run media insisted that the two countries can ease tensions on the India-China border without the need for US mediation. Meanwhile, news of Chinese military exercises in the far northwest of China is constantly appearing in the media.

borders situations under control

In the first week of the new tensions, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterated that the situation on the border was “stable and controlled.”

At the same time, the State Department emphasized that the two countries can solve their own problems without the mediation of the United States.

The Galvan Valley in the western Himalayas was a source of tension between the two countries. There were numerous clashes between Chinese and Indian forces in the area in early May.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement came after the clashes. Both countries have been accusing each other of occupying their land.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on June 3, “Both countries have the ability to resolve issues through dialogue and consultation.” No third party intervention is required.

In fact, Xiao Lijian made the statement at a time when US President Donald Trump had offered Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mediation to resolve issues with China.

Trump had earlier on May 27 offered mediation on Twitter to resolve tensions between India and China.

In recent days, reports of border tensions in the Chinese state media have received more attention.

Chinese state media

However, India’s official newspaper, the Global Times, has repeatedly accused India of “expanding infrastructure in the disputed area.”

The Global Times has also published the views of several experts on how the governments of India and China have distanced themselves from the importance of US efforts to border tensions and interference.

“We have no reason to make India an enemy,” the Global Times wrote in a June 5 editorial. But China will not give up an inch of its land. If India makes a mistake in its strategy and tries to snatch China’s land, China will never forgive it. China will be forced to retaliate. China has made India friendly. India should show warmth for China instead of being fooled by the US.

On June 6, China’s state television CCTV’s military channel aired a video about the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The video showed thousands of PLA soldiers marching in armored vehicles from Hubei Province to remote areas of western China.

According to reports, the video is dated around May 15 and it is not clear where the troops left for.

Then, on June 9, the PLA Daily reported that a PLA paratrooper brigade raided enemy hideouts in an unknown desert location in northwestern China on June 1. At the same time, war games were also conducted.

The PLA Daily also wrote that an armed infantry battalion brought together several troops, including armored vehicles, artillery, engineering soldiers and scouts.

However, the PLA Daily did not make it clear that the air brigade mentioned in the latest report is the same as the one shown in the CCTV report.

Another PLA brigade also conducted long combat exercises in May in an undisclosed area in China’s northwestern province of Guangdong.

A statement issued by the PLA on June 9 said that during this time, the troops had tested artillery direct fire.

Earlier, on June 2, CCTV’s Military Channel reported that a PLA scout unit had recently conducted a night-vision operation at an altitude of 15,000 feet near Mount Tangola in Tibet. It was a military exercise.

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