China is ready to negotiate a partial trade deal with the US according to reports

The biggest news coming out of the US right now is that the US-China trade war talks are starting in few days time and it is believed that some sort of an agreement has to be reached by both the parties. This is because the global economy is slowing down and it is hurting all the countries around the globe. However, the US administration does not seem to be in any mood to get bogged down by China as some more companies were added to the blacklist by the US administration yesterday. This is because of taking part in China’s campaign of human rights violation against minority Muslims in the Xinjiang province.

Also, previous reports suggested that even China is not willing to have a full trade deal with the US which that it is highly likely the trade war won’t end fully. However, a report from Bloomberg reveals that China is looking to discuss a partial trade deal with the US. Bloomberg was told by an unnamed official that China will be looking to have some sort of a deal while full deal is out of the window.

The report added this official saying that ‘negotiators were not optimistic about securing a broad agreement that would fully end the trade conflict between the world’s two largest economies’. Beijing is likely to offer non-core concessions like purchases of agricultural products in return, but not budge on major sticking points between the two nations.

Previously, an unnamed source told the FT, that ″(Vice Premier) Liu He is coming with real offers, it’s not an empty visit,” “The Chinese are ready to de-escalate.” which means that China has a plan and some deals on offer for the US administration which is subject to discussion and Beijing is also willing to back down a little bit if the US also changes its stance a little bit.