Chase Campbell’s Brand ‘Size Up’ Sets Its Throne In The Supplement And Apparel Market

Nothing is more satisfying in life than establishing your brand and taking it to the newer heights. This era totally belongs to the entrepreneurs and the ones who have chosen to be self-employed rather than being employed by others. Chase Campbell, who is an entrepreneur, did not have an easy road. He is the founder and CEO of Size Up, a leading supplement and apparel brand which has made its presence across the USA and also in the digital domain. With 8 stores in the States, 6 are located in Michigan and the remaining 2 are in Florida and Las Vegas respectively. Founded in 2011, the company has surely come a long way but at the initial stages, Chase went through a lot of turmoil. His home was mortgaged after his father’s job was outsourced overseas. 

It took time for him, but Chase had a clear vision – to start a business of his own. While the teenagers in his neighbourhood were peddling drugs to make money, Campbell took a legal route and made a niche in the supplement industry. The young entrepreneur sold authentic supplement products below the market rate which saw his business growing by leaps and bounds. Later, he started selling his products on the online e-commerce marketplaces including eBay and Amazon. With getting more than 100 orders per day, the profit got divided in the marketplace commission, after which he launched his own website and his first physical store in Shelby. With having no backing and no financial support, Chase was doing wonders and was reaching fast towards his goal.   

The main factor that worked in Campbell’s favour was that he sold all the supplement products at a very cheaper rate. However, his first few months at his store were rough as very few people turned up. To raise awareness of his brand, he decided to have a grand opening of the store and he announced that the people who attended the opening would get free accessories in the form of Size Up OG Tee, Size Up shaker cup and other samples which he sold. Little did the entrepreneur have any clue and the opening saw almost 310 customers which were the turning point for the brand. The brand not only built trust among the customers but also became a reputed name among other supplement brands. By his smart marketing skills, Chase Campbell has truly revolutionised the supplement industry and Size Up is the most trusted brand among all the fitness enthusiasts.