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Charlie Hanson Suspended By Bafta And Ousted From Netflix’s After Life Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Award-winning producer Charlie Hanson has been removed from Netflix After Life production and suspended from the Baftas following women’s allegations of historical sexual misconduct.

Netflix and Bafta took action after being approached by the women this week.

‘Substantial Lies’

Ricky Gervais – founder and actor of After Life – said he was “shocked and horrified” by the allegations.

Mr Hanson said that “based on the conclusions I have been given” these allegations are “substantial lies”.

The women posted her allegations anonymously on Bafta and Netflix on Monday, and the story was first reported by Broadcast.


Mr. Hanson has been suspended for the production of After Life, with the recording of the third series currently underway.

Netflix said in a statement: “While the allegations are not related to his time on the program, we immediately removed the influence of him on production and informed it over to the police.”

Gervais said: “I am shocked and stunned to hear of the historical allegations made by so many women against Charlie Hanson.

“The decision has been made to remove him immediately from production and I am confident that this matter has been handled properly.”

What Have His Associates Said?

The successful producer and winner of the Golden Globe and Bafta have worked on a number of British projects best known for Gervais, including the 2016 film David Brent: Life on the Road.

Mr Hanson’s agents, United Agents, said they were not currently working with him and removed his profile from their website.

“We are shocked to hear of these historical allegations. While the matter is being investigated we have suspended our representation and association with him,” said United Agents.

Bafta said it had been given “very serious allegations” against the man.

“The alleged behavior of these accounts is disgusting, completely contrary to Bafta standards and has no place in our industry.”

Charlie Hanson’s Statement

Mr Hanson said in a statement through his attorney: “I have been informed of the allegations against me about the misconduct of women from many years ago.

“Based on the summaries given to me, I understand that many of these allegations are made anonymously and may appear to be false.

“I have never had a single complaint in the decades of working in the media industry. I totally deny the wrongdoing I have committed, and I strongly oppose the allegations against me.

“I have worked and supported hundreds of men and women in my working life and will do what is necessary to protect and / or restore my dignity.

“I will co-operate with any legal inquiries. The matter is now in the hands of my lawyers.”

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