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Charli D’Amelio Responds After Being Accused Of Making Fun Of Nessa Barrett In A TikTok Video

Charli D’Amelio took to her social media handle and went live on Instagram to openly discuss the rumours of her making fun of Nessa Barrett in a TikTok video. The influencer shared that she saw people thought she was making fun of someone in one of Dixie’s posts.

She added, “I literally saw…people thought I was making fun of someone in one of Dixie’s posts. And…I literally went duckface, that thing that’s been around since 2014. Come on, guys, I swear people are just trying to make rumours at this point.”

Charli explained her actions further in sister, Dixie D’Amelio’s recent post on TikTok. The now-deleted video showed Charli by her sister as she fastened her hair while making an exaggerated pout. The influencer shared that she has no bad blood with anyone and she is friends with everyone. She added that she sometimes feels like people just try to make things where there are nothing.

The TikTok star said, “It’s not cool, guys. I was fixing my hair in a video, too.” Rumours were going around that it was fellow TikTok star turned singer, Nessa that Charli was making fun of. This started circulating because the audience thought the influencer was making fun of her because of her mannerisms.

Many users agreed with Charli D’Amelio’s statement, many calling her “the sweetest.” One user shared that people on TikTok need to go outside while another claimed that Charlie is a genuine person and asked people to stop. Other users claimed that Charli and sister Dixie deleted the post at the request of Barrett. One user commented: “So Nessa pay you to delete the post.”

The comment section was split between defending Charli D’Amelio and vilifying her actions of deleting the post if she wasn’t guilty of mocking Nessa Barrett.

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