Changing Tweeezy’s Life with Dr Gabe

Most celebrities today are known for what they have. But social media sensation and comedian Tweeezy’s (real name Antwane Williams) career rose to new heights for what he doesn’t have: his three front teeth.

Tweeezy (with 3 ‘E’s) lost his front three incisors on his 21st birthday, when he attempted a front flip in the middle of the street. In a viral video he posted to his Instagram account in 2017, the comedian said he “got a little twisted, tried to morph into a power ranger — did a front flip, didn’t put my feet down, landed on my face, and now they’re gone forever.”

But “forever” isn’t really forever because this month, five years after the accident, that smile will be returning to its former glory! Dr. Gabe Rosenthal, dentist to the stars, began the process of restoring those missing teeth. Dr. Gabe is known for working on the smiles of Hollywood’s top movie, television, music, and social media stars as well as notable professional athletes. But this case is a little different. The dentist used to working on famous smoke. However, with Tweeezy, a great deal of his “brand is known for his famous smile, or lack thereof.” His logos, shirts, and even tattoos feature those three missing teeth.

For Tweeezy, getting his teeth back was a dream come true. In an interview posted to Youtube, he said he was “depressed for a little while” about missing those teeth. Tweeezy rose to fame because of his unique smile and even quirkier sense of humor, but now he is hoping to put this period behind him and transition into being known solely for his talents as an entertainer. He can sing, he can dance on roller skates (a must-see!), he can act, and he is incredibly funny! Dr. Rosenthal is excited to help Tweeezy become true to himself, one tooth at a time. Make that, three teeth at a time. How will fans react to his fuller smile? Let us know what you think about this!