Celebrity Pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala launches her new Pilates Studio in Gurugram

Yasmin Karachiwala, India’s renowned celebrity Pilates trainer recently launched her new Pilates Studio in Gurugram, while talking about its benefits and future role in the country. She went on to define Pilates as a beautiful form of exercise which focuses on one’s awareness, breath, control, centering and concentration, ensuring that every other activity in life is done better. 

Yasmin’s future plans include opening a Pilates Studio in every city of the country, however until then her YouTube videos on Pilates remain a constant source of inspiration for fitness freaks as well as beginners who wish to get familiar with this marvelous exercise form. Yasmin further explains that every exercise form is created with a specific intent and that Pilates was created with the sole objective of making the human body move as efficiently as possible, and thereby help preserve more energy. She further states that this exercise is not for lazy people at all and requires a lot of dedication, passion and determination.

Yasmin is the perfect example for fitness coupled with strength and stamina, and her Studio is here to inspire more people to experience the amazing long term benefits of Pilates.