Celebrity Photographer Jeremiah Davis Setting Benchmarks Traveling With The Chainsmokers

“Where there’s smoke, there is fire!” And yes indeed just at 24, the Rockstar Jeremiah Davis Is setting ablaze The Chainsmokers. Once stepping foot out of College, Davis pitched camp in the Los Angeles soil to work with the Popular Dj and music biggest production duo. For six months, the champion never filled any job application, and never does he plan to do so. Shooting behind the scenes and video making has since been an inspiration and something to depend on. If you got an opportunity to have a glimpse of Davis’ airport-bound uber, then a 5private jets, seven countries, 51 videos are what your mind should be prepared for about the guru. From Miami to Tokyo to visiting the world; Davis’s schedule is busy and tight. Sometimes shooting videos, sometimes working on MTV projects, among other duties.

The celebrity, who is also an Instagram’ Influencer’, has since made shooting his ‘thing.’ He shoots fulltime and has so far shot hundreds of projects. He trips across the globe with The Chainsmokers accompanying them to the arena tours.

Touring The World With Dance Music’s Top Artists

It is not easy to find someone in his early twenties working for a billion-dollar brand. However, That One Blond Kid is touring the world with world dance music’s top artists. And guess what? At only the age of 24, he has wholly starred in his own snapchat original show. His target is to ensure that fans receive the most authentic view of the Chainsmokers. The guru creates recap videos from city to city, catching up with the tour pace, sometimes visiting upto nine counties in less than a fortnight. These actions have caused Jeremiah to produce the rawest content of the Chainsmokers to the fans in every event.

Touring the world comes with serenity and loftiness of its kind! Can you imagine traveling the world shooting the most record-breaking footage, for the duo hitting a billion mark views on Youtube? Davis’s videos have become among the most viewed, scaling his prowess up the ladder every single day.

Davis’ Role Setting The Chainsmokers Ablaze

He likes going deep. His patience, persistence, passion, and planning has brought him even closer to the Chainsmokers. Often you will see him in every effort painting the duo as hardworking, kind, and thriving music icons. Besides, Davis has taken nearly 50 creators on five independent photography trips to bucket list destinations like Bali, Yosemite, and Iceland in the past one and a half years.

Besides, Davis chooses both work and play. His weeks’ work looks like, meetings downtown on Monday, commercial “action” calls on Thursdays, nightclub toasts with Grammy Winners on Friday, and skydiving selfies on Saturday. His hard work is what has set the Chainsmokers ablaze. Not only for the Chainsmokers, but the guru has set waves in a variety of industries by sprinting into new roles with an eye for the pop culture and a camera around his neck

Travel! Go and See The World! Chase Your Dreams!

It is during the graduation ceremony when all the graduands are commissioned to travel, see the world, and chase their dreams. Davis’s boldness has seen him possess all these things with such an envious vigor. He is now among the world’s most coveted drone videographers with credits like ‘closer’ lyric video. He has developed his brand as an equal parts artist and entrepreneur, visionary, tastemaker, and trendsetter. Concert, travel, brand, and lifestyle videographer has propelled him to have a more personal touch and a higher life purpose.

Also, he has visited fifty-plus countries in the past two years, running five photos plus video workshops around the world. In the recent past, he has also managed to take social-style videos to TV with “This is MVMT” campaign. In the process, the expert has built a more than 100k audience on IG and a 100M+ Music video for the Chainsmokers(Hope).

Jeremiah Davis’s journey to success has not been comfortable. Davis always found himself sliding into key DMs and hitting up a bunch of people. In return, he has caused a revolution and a new awakening as a photographer that every dream is valid. Viva to the Chainsmokers for making this happen!