Celebrity Manager Aaryan (Labham) Kakkar Gives A Sneak Peek Into His Professional Life And How He Achieved His Life Goals

Being a celebrity manager is not everyone’s cup of tea. People need to have the perseverance to work round the clock as life of celebrities is all about hopping from one place to another for shoots. Many people come to Mumbai everyday with hundreds of dreams in their eyes and wanting to live the life, but only some who have it in them with hard work and talent achieve their destined goals. Aaryan Labham Kakkar is that successful name who converted his dreams into reality.

The glamorous industry is chaotic and to get in, it takes time and tests the real patience of an individual. However, this man gave his everything to reach his goal and he is rightly admired and adored by many artists with whom he has worked over the years. Kakkar has worked with more than 35 celebrity artists and has genuinely maintained his vision of managing things at its peak. It is not everyday that we see such people not only live their dream but live up to people’s expectations.

Hustling through the citylights amidst the cut-throat competition, Aaryan Kakkar has not only made his family proud but people working around him are inspired by his determination and hard work. There are not only star names attached to his work but he is the one living the star life himself. “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things”, he said. Besides being a celebrity manager, Aaryan also manages a great family life and is a happy husband to a beautiful wife and a great father to wonderful kids.