Roshan Bhondekar

Celebrated author Roshan Bhondekar’s short film titled ‘The Shoes’ won several international accolades

Roshan Bhondekar, one of the celebrated authors in recent times who hails from a small town in Maharashtra, India started his career as a blogger with an intension to motivate people.

Little did he know that his transcripts will be made into a short film titled The Shoes, which received global recognization and immense accolades for its heart touching and reality-based storyline.

In association with Envision Film Studio production, The Shoes won accolades at the Global Film competition in San Diego (California), the USA on May 29, 2019, for recognition for Liberation/ Social Justice/Protest and also got Official Selection in F5: FPP Financial Focus FilmFest, Florida – the United States for Audience Choice Award May on 29, 2019.

Shot completely in Spain, The Shoes is a story based on a child’s right to have a dignified and secure life. The short film throws light on the global child education and poverty and going by the current coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to take the right measures to cope up with poverty and lack of child education, especially girl child education. 

Roshan Bhondekar’s journey from a small town in India to Spain has been a total inspiration. The author has written books like The Frame: An Art of Optimism and Love – The Key to Optimism: Path Towards Happiness. He is best known as an International Author, Columnist, Speaker & Creative Director.

Roshan is a well known motivational speaker who got inspired by his parents who taught him to help others grow better. In addition, Roshan was also the Vice President of Hope India NGO back in 2017 where his prime responsibilities were to drive the initiatives for Skill Development, women empowerment, human rights, and education & literacy, etc. at the national level.

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