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Cartoon Show Johnny Test To Make Its Return On Netflix Mid July

Last year, it was reported that Netflix will become the new home for the ex-cartoon show Johnny Test and the season 7 (or the season 1 of the reboot) is not going to be the only season which will be airing on Netflix.

A total of two seasons have been scheduled, all of which probably consist of 20 episodes, each lasting approximately 11 minutes long.


In addition, an interactive bonus special episode is also scheduled, as per sources and insiders.

The new series is much cleaner and has a higher resolution as it will also be available in 4K, but it manages to keep with the same charm to it that had caused millions of people to fall in love with it for the first season.

Scott Fellows, who had worked on the original series, has been back to lead the cartoon show with WildBrain, studio behind the series.

First Trailer Released

The first trailer for the new season, which was released on June 18, 2021. The following text was seen along with the trailer!

“How much trouble could one imaginative boy, his faithful dog and two science-loving sisters possibly get into? Hmm, that sounds like a challenge!”


In terms of the plot of the new series, it just picks up where the original left off.

In anticipation of the new Netflix series, you can currently go back and check out all six seasons which have been streaming on Netflix since 2014 with season 6 added in April 2015. That’s in the United States at least.

Other regions have varied availability currently with Netflix UK only streaming three seasons of the show.

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