Cardi B Seemingly Defends Kylie Jenner’s Appearance in ‘WAP’ Video After Fans Petition to Have Her Removed

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion recently released their surprise collaboration ‘WAP’ music video. It has been trending on YouTube ever since. And Twitter is freaking out as well, not for the same reasons though.

In the video, there comes a point where the music stops and a mysterious yet familiar animal print-clad figure passes by. The figure was none other than Kylie Jenner.

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Many fans took offense to her appearance in the music video because of her and her family’s history of appropriating Black culture. A lot of memes started doing the rounds expressing the same concern and frustration of their fans.

Not just that, they started a petition online to have Kylie Jenner removed from the music video. The petition has over 36000 signatures so far.

Cardi B seemingly responded to the backlash received without mentioning Kylie’s name directly. She said that the goal of the video was to include women of different races and come from different backgrounds, but are so powerful and influential. The rapper also thanked all the women who were a part of her video.

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Kylie hasn’t specifically spoken about her appearance as such. Although she has posted a few snaps from shooting the music video on Instagram. The pictures were from behind the scenes and one of them also included Kris Jenner clicking pictures.

Cardi Warns About Comeback

Cardi’s comeback after almost a year has been highly-anticipated and worth it. She initially only announced the release of her music, however, she also went ahead to give us a music video. Megan Thee Stallion, one of the only female rappers who has her song at No. 1 on the Hot 100, was also a part of the video and the song itself.

Cardi warned her fans in advance saying the lyrics are so raunchy that YouTube asked them to put up a censored version of the video. The song is about how Cardi and Megan want their men to please them. The video shows the pair walking through an opulent mansion in which each room sees Cardi and/or Megan. They also surprised fans by hitting suggestive choreo in different-colored hued outfits and wigs.

The video also had other special guests included like Normani and Rosalía.

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Cardi B announced that she will be collaborating with Megan Thee Stallion to drop a single this week. The new song is called ‘WAP‘.

The rapper shared the surprising news to their fans on social media. They posted a picture of the cover for the song on Monday. The image shows both the singers side by side with identical poses and intertwined hairstyles. Both of them were also donning a similar earring with‘WAP’written across.

Megan and Cardi’s Announcement

Cardi captioned the post simply announcing, “Single dropping this Friday! WAP feat. @theestallion #Wap.” This track will be Cardi’s first new music as a lead artist sincePressin 2019.

Megan released her highly-popular single with Beyonce recently. It was the remix of ‘Savage‘ and it got widely popular right after its release. Beyonce was one of the few celebrities who sent her best wishes to Megan amid her shooting incident. Megan suffered gunshot wounds on her leg and had to go through surgery.

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The rapper described the shooting as one of the worst experiences of her life. The shooting involved rapper Tony Lanez who was arrested soon after. Although Megan did not mention Lanez, she said she had to undergo surgery to remove the bullets.

Cardi B had donned a new look as she promised a new announcement on Monday. She took to social media to post a video in which she donned a blonde platinum wig. The rapper waved her hair as she said she has an announcement to make tomorrow.

Fans were wondering what the announcement might be and it wasn’t anticipated. Her last major release was her debut studio albumInvasion Of Privacydebuted atop the Billboard 200 chart in April 2018. But it was met with widespread critical praise.

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In June, she hinted that a new album was in the works in response to a great time trolling tweet that has since been deleted. ‘Why you more thirsty about my music then [sic] my fans?’ she wrote. ‘You must be the biggest fan cause you the first comment on this post… The music coming sweety.’


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